Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sending Joshua Off to Camp

Well tomorrow I am taking Joshua up to Craig Springs for a week of New Covenant camp. This is his 3rd year and he is so excited. It is such a mixed bag of emotions. I'm so happy because he is falling in love with one of the most beautiful places in the world, I'm proud because he is fine to go by himself, he misses us a little but doesn't let it get to him. I'm sad because he will be gone for a week and I will miss him a whole bunch. One thing I love about getting him ready this year is that he has grown up a lot since last year. Last year he didn't mind taking his spider man sheets and hot wheels tooth brush. This year he said "No, mom. I'm too old for that." So we went out and bought a bottle of Gillette body wash, a grown up tooth brush and are packing blue sheets and a baseball team's beach towel. I guess it's time for him to pass some of those childish thing on to his baby bother, some I will save to always remember his childhood. I am reminded of the children's book by Karen Kingsbury Where she talks about all the lasts that your children. We always remember the firsts but do we remember the lasts. So tomorrow when I leave Craig Springs, I will leave with a tear in my eye, not only because I'm leaving my son for a week but also because I know he is growing up.

My kids are driving me crazy! - And so is everyone else!

Maybe it's just me! But everyone I come in contact with is making my skin crawl. I don't know why, but it's true. I would love for people to understand that I am a 32 year old grown up! I don't need people telling me what to do or how to do it. Now I know that I am not perfect and don't know everything but don't think I am stupid because I don't do it the way you want me to. The kids are fighting like there is no tomorrow about everything even Sam is attempting to do it, he sees his brother and sister doing it so he thinks that is the way he is supposed to do it! Sometimes I just want to cry!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OK! So I have let it sit for a week and a half and I have controlled my anger a bit! But it has been hard to keep my mouth shut. So here goes!
Sam's birthday was last week. He turned 2! And I know that some people don't think it's a big deal, but I think ALL birthdays are special. We planned his party for a Sunday afternoon at my mother in law's house (she has a pool). Now here comes the part where I get mad. I have 3 sisters and Chad has 2 brothers, do you think they showed up or even called to wish him a Happy Birthday (well, Cissy did) I know that they must have had pressing engagements that could not have been avoided. (They better have) I know I shouldn't have been hurt by and Sam probably won't remember it but, I make sure I am at every birthday party that I'm invited to. And I know that you can't tell how angry I was (am) by what I am writing, but I thought I would cry that night, in fact I probably shed a few tears. Treat others as you would like to be treated, well do they want me to skip their kids' birthday parties, etc? Well, I'm not like that, if I'm invited then I will be there unless there is something that can't be avoided (like a death, sick child etc)
We had a great time and I loved celebrating my son's 2nd birthday! Even though some very important people were absent!

Monday, July 19, 2010

My baby turns 2

Samuel David Boswell is 2 years old as of 12:11 a.m. this morning! Wow! Sometimes it seems he has always been apart of our lives and then sometimes it seems as if it was just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. He brings so much joy into our lives everyday! Now, don't misunderstand me: He is a handful and a half. He is always getting into something. Chad comes home often and asks me "What did you do today?" And many times I just want to scream. He doesn't understand that every time I turn around Sam is into something else. The other day he attempted to hang from the curtains by his teeth, he succeeded in ripping the curtain. Gotta love him! I thank God every day for Sam!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Heaven or Hell?

Well yesterday I experienced something I can honestly say I have never experienced before. My cousins' father passed away. Now, I have been around many people who have died and that is not my new experience. What was so different was that he didn't believe in God, Heaven, the devil or Hell. I have been struggling with it because it scares me. Everyone that I have know that has passed away has been a believer. I know what the Bible says and I believe it. But the thought of someone that I have meet (didn't know him) spending eternity in Hell really bothers me. No matter how hard my cousins tried to get him to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior, he refused. He continued to say there was no such thing. I am praying for my cousins because they are hurting so bad, not only because they have lost their father but because they know they will never see him again. I lost my father almost 6 years ago and it hurts so bad to miss him, but I know I will see him when the Lord calls me home. To know that you will never again see your father must hurt so bad. I pray for my cousins and hope they are able to find peace.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1st day of Day Camp

So, yesterday was the first day of day camp. (an all day VBS type camp held at our church's youth camp in Concord) I sent Joshua and Sarah and they were both excited. Joshua made a new friend, Will. It's weird how I went to Day Camp with his friends mom. They seemed to have a great day even though it rained. Sarah passed her swim test. She was the only one in her class to pass it! I am so proud of her, swimming at Grandma and Grandpa G's really has paid off! She was so excited to show me her wrist band (they have to wear them so that the lifeguards know they passed the test! Can't wait to see what else they get into!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tounges A Wagging

So yesterday, Chad and I visited a different church. We enjoyed the experience and do not regret going. But that does NOT mean that we are leaving Fairview Christian. As I arrived to drop off my kids this morning I had 6 different people ask me if we were leaving the church. We almost never miss church. Over the past 2 years we have missed maybe 4 Sundays and one of those was the day after Sam was born. Maybe next time you miss a Sunday to go on vacation or just didn't want to come I will assume that you have left the church and start rumors about that. No I won't, because I will get the correct information first! So many people talk with out getting the correct information, I don't care who you hear it from, if it's not from my mouth don't believe it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well I am Back!

Yes I know, I haven't blogged since February! So much has happened, I don't really know where to start. So here is a quick run down. Sarah turned 6 on April 3, Joshua turned 9 on April 23rd and Easter was a blast. Sam was scared of the Easter Bunny, and everything else that is dressed up. Baseball started up again and we won 10 anytime tickets to the Hillcats. Relay happened in June and was awesome. I never realized how exhausting being on the committee could be, but I don't regret any of it. It was an awesome event and I am very proud of all of the Lynchburg Teams who raised so much money. I want a cure and I want it soon! Joshua and Sarah both finished off the school year with honor roll and Joshua rocked his SOL's passing all of them and getting a 600 (perfect) on one of them. Sarah went to Girl Scout Camp and fell in love with it, just like I did as a child!
Chad and I are doing great. I am so blessed to have found such an amazing man who cares for and loves me as much as he does. I know I drive him crazy sometimes but he sticks by me and encourages me everyday.
I am continually working on my relationship with God. The devil is trying to get me and has jumped practically in my face, has used people that I respected and loved and has not gotten me yet! PRAISE GOD! God is Good! I looked forward to these next few months as God shows me where He wants me to be and what He wants me to do. Hopefully I will get the message! Only by His Grace!