Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I love anything for FREE! (well almost) I love for my kids to have a good time but I hate spending money on stuff! So far we have done pretty well this week:
Monday we went to the Family Fun day at the stadium, then to the game. The Family fun thing was FREE! Did you hear that FREE! They had a place to get your picture on a baseball card and on the cover of Sports Illustrated Kids, Bounce houses, tattoos, baseball card trading, and even a traveling museum of baseball stuff (I loved that part) And did I tell you, it was all FREE! OK, I guess you can tell that I love FREE stuff! Tuesday we headed over to the Regal for their FREE movie, we saw Alvin and the Chipmunks. We we got there in the cup holders were free coupons for kids meals at Chick Fil-a. So we had lunch at the Chick Fil-a at the mall. Today we decided to try out the new Spray Ground at Riverside Park. We waited for a while for the guy to get it turned on, but had a great time playing in it. Well Sam was a little scared, he gets a little nervous around water splashing. But in the end he had fun. Oh, did I tell you it was FREE! Now what can we do tomorrow that is FREE?

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