Saturday, August 7, 2010

Being a parent isn't always Easy

Who am I kidding, is it ever easy? I went to pick up Joshua from camp yesterday. I was so happy to see him. I asked all the typical questions: "How was camp?" "Did you have fun?" etc. I got answers although not extensive answers. I just passed it off as him being tired. The ride home was rough, Sarah and Joshua fought the entire way home. I had to pull over twice to move them and threaten them. The afternoon was hard with more arguing, I decided to take them to the spray ground to let them get rid of some of their energy. All 3 kids had a great time. Last night we went to the mall and dealt with more jealousy between our two oldest. They went to bed and I thought everything would be better after a good night's sleep! Boy, was I wrong! This morning we got up and headed out to yard sales, one of our Saturday morning traditions. After we laid Sam down for his nap, I took Sarah to a movie and Chad took Joshua to one (my mom was at home with Sam), thinking that it would be good for the kids. When we got home the fighting began again! We sent Joshua to his bed and let him cry it out. About 15 mins later I asked Joshua to come talk to me. He then explained he didn't have a good time at camp. Evidently one of his roommates told him he would be his friend if he could beat Joshua up. HE said he was scared every day! I'm so happy that I didn't know when I picked him up, I probably would have said some things unbecoming to a mother of 3. I loved Craig Springs so much growing up and hope that this doesn't ruin him of going back to camp. I have cried and prayed about it, hopefully God will help Joshua and me.

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  1. :(
    Kids can be cruel.
    and sometimes siblings can be crueler.
    alot of life is learning to roll with the punches...

    (hopefully not literally... but you know what I mean) ;)