Thursday, February 18, 2010

A new post FINALLY!!

Oh My Gosh! I haven't blogged since November! Well, what a roller coaster ride these last few months have been. Some of the good things I will include and try to leave out the bad.

* Chad got a job! He started at Stay In Touch, INC in mid January. He is the web designer for the company. Over the past 2 weeks he has gotten 2 more part time jobs. So right now he actually has 4 jobs! He has been such a great provider and continues to be. It was a hard time but we continued to trust the Lord and He saw us through!

* Thanksgiving and Christmas were great. We helped at the church to feed many people less fortunate than us on Thanksgiving. I think the kids really enjoy helping others. By seeing them show their ability to give and share just makes me feel great. Christmas is always great. Busy but great. Christmas Eve was spent with Chad's father and his wife Rosie (PawPaw and MeMaw) followed by Christmas Eve Candle Light service at 11 pm at church. The crowd was small but it was such a meaningful service! Cissy's boyfriend came in so Christmas Eve he helped out with putting the presents under the tree. Of course while we were clearing under the tree to have enough room for Santa's presents, the tree stand broke and fell on top of me. It was quite memorable. Christmas morning was chaotic. Chad's mom and stepdad (Grandma and Grandpa G) joined us for Santa time. So all together we has 10 people in the living room opening presents. After that we went to Chad's Granny's house for Christmas Breakfast and more presents. Came back home and had lunch. Ryan picked up Joshua and Sarah and we laid Sam down for a nap and we took a nap as well. We went to my cousin Stacy's house for dinner. We sure did eat a lot.

*2010 started off great! And so far has continued to be. A lot has gone on in the world and community and we have prayed so much for lost lives and hurting people. The earthquake in Haiti had a tremendous effect on the entire family. Joshua and Sarah have been collecting money at their school and Sarah wept many times when she saw the devastation. When less than a week later the shootings in Appomattox happened, it hit home to so many. We have close friends who live in Appomattox very close to where all this was happening. This scared little Sarah, when she found out it was very close to where Sarah Jones lives she broke down, worried for her friends and scared for her own life. (we were never in danger) We continue to pray for all the families who have been affected.

* The SNOW! well it was beautiful but Enough Already! The kids enjoyed the snow and Sarah got her picture on WSET with her Relay For Life Snowman we built. They missed almost 2 weeks from school and they were happy to get back to their friends and their routine.

Well now that I've gotten you caught up I can stop. I plan on being back again soon.

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  1. I am so happy that things are going better for you and the whole family! And, of course I pray that they continue to do so. Love to your family. BJ