Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Raise Gving Children

Well! I honestly have no idea! Our minister's message on Sunday was about how a child doesn't like to give up any of their toys or clothes and eventually how that mindset stays with us as we grow up. And I know this happens to many people. Some kids are just not giving. I don't think it comes down to anything parents do, well it might, I just didn't do anything. I have 3 very wonderful children. Joshua and Sarah are very empathic. (Sam is too young). From the time Joshua was around 2 he has shared. Which is a pretty amazing thing for a toddler. He gives randomly at with out being asked to. Just like last year when instead of asking for gifts for his birthday, he wanted to have people donate to his Relay For Life goal. Don't mean to brag on him. It took a little longer for the empathy thing to hit home with Sarah, but when it hit , IT HIT. Just the other week during the Haiti telethon, Sarah was so moved that she went to her room and started putting a lot of her stuff in bags for us to send to the little girls that lived in Haiti. Both joshua and Sarah continue to do things for others. They hold doors for people, they give what they have to help others, what more could a mother ask for. I pray that as Sam grows up he learns from his big brother and big sister.

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  1. You are an amazing mother Nannette, and clearly you are going a wonderful job raising such caring and loving children. You are so blessed--enjoy each day with them! :)