Monday, September 21, 2009

101 Things That Make Me Smile

I got inspired to do this, so when I feel sad or like life isn't treating me right (I hve no right to feel this way) I can take a look at these a remember God gave me so many things to be happy about, even if it's just the small things!

1. Baking ~ cookies, cakes anything sweet
2. Watching babies sleep ~ especially mine
3. Good Deals at the Goodwill
4. Classic Winnie the Pooh
5. Dirty Dancing (Favorite movie of all time)
6. NetFlix
7. Watching Sam walk
8. A new book
9. Marching Bands
10. 24/7 Praise Team
11. Swimming
12. Fridays
13. FaceBook
14. Holding hands with my husband
15. Fall
16. Planning birthday parties
17. Planning any parties
18. Relay for Life
19. Fairview Christian Church
20. Craig Springs
21. Camp fires
22. The smell of an old book
23. watching a movie with the kids
24. Christmas Morning
25. Sleeping late
26. Spring
27. Surprises (good ones)
28. Family games
29. A friend who shares my sarcastic views and understands them
30. Friends I've know since preschool
31. Watching my husband play Call of Duty 4 (even though I tell him I hate it, I love listening to him when something doesn't go the way he wants it to) "It's just a game"
32. Learning something new
33. Road trips with my girls
34. Scrap Booking
35. Pipe cleaners
36. October (Birthday and anniversary)
37. Bubble Baths
38. Bubbles
39. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
40. A new camera (well it would make me smile if I had one)
41. Oreo
42. Eating lunch with Joshua and Sarah at school
43. Nap time
44. Fresh clean laundry
45. When the kids say something to me that I wasn't expecting at all
46. Letters in the mail (not bills)
47. Looking through Chad's artwork
48. Word finds
49. Twilight
50. Curls on babies
51. "Special Lunches" with Chad
52. Playing dress up with Sarah
53. Twister
54. Mary Poppins
55. Dressing up and going out
56. Dressing down and staying in
57. Regional Assembly
58. My close friends
59. Cookouts
60. The Disciple Women
61. Sheila Bread
62. Planning
63. Getting IM's
64. Baseball
65. Watching my kids play sports
66. Falling more in love with Chad every day!
67. Watching my sister fall in love
68. Weddings - they make me cry too
69. Helping people
70. Yard Sales
71. Office supplies
72. Finding money
73. Rachel Ray
74. Taking Pictures
75.Thinking about my Grandma
76. Thinking about my Daddy
77. Canned air, it's just fun
78. Finding out Joshua has his first real crush, Sarah Jones doesn't count
79. A five year old's secrets
80. Meeting new people
81. Re-meeting people I've met before but haven't seen in a long time
82. Camp Friends
83. Baby Shark
84. Dancing with my husband
85. Embarrassing my husband and kids when I dance in the aisles of the grocery store
86. My In-Laws ~ They are pretty cool
87. My sisters
88. Mountain Dew
89. Diet Dr Pepper
90. New Babies
91. Old people
92. Listening to my kids say their prayers
93. Just because gifts
94. Pampered Chef, Princess House Parties
95. Joshua
96. Sarah
97. Sam
98. Chad
99. Love
100. Knowing that God will meet my needs, what He knows I need, not what I want
101. Feeling safe

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