Sunday, September 20, 2009

10 Great Dates

Our church is doing a great program on Sunday evenings called 10 Great Dates. They have programs for kids ages 0-18, and then you go on a date with your spouse. It's great. I'm so excited about it. Over the next 10 weeks Chad and I are going on a date! Without the kids! It's all about revitalizing your marriage. Now, we have only been married for around 22 months but we will take advantage of it. Josh, our leader, wants us to go on dates like we did in high school. And we will try it. Tonight we only went to Arby's and had a little dinner cause we didn't have much time. But we talked about our first impressions of each other when we met 3 years ago and when we knew we were in love. I asked him if he could remember our first date, he did. It was really sweet. I look forward to our next Great Date. I'll let you know what we do next week - next week!

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